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gill duncan

I heard about Perthshire Writers through meeting Margaret Gillies Brown along with Heather Innes (a former PW member) on a recording project in Redbarn Studios Longforgan in 2008. My interest was roused then but I thought it might all be a bit too academic for someone who all but left school for career at the age of fifteen.

A good friend and fellow recording artiste - Anne Pack - mentioned the writing group again and both being songwriters I decided to join with Anne in 2009. We were welcomed warmly by an absolutely delightful bunch of characters. Their comments and advice (all kindly given) are an inspiration to me.

I enjoy, as a hobby, completing the tasks that are set to widen our styles and the challenges of having to hugely expand content that I used to cram into a three or four minute song. Writing words without music is my greatest personal - but fun - test!

I've Just Never Taken The Time

I opened a door and found a wall with no space in between
after turning my back and closing the door behind.
With no way back and no way forward I started to panic
Looking down I found pots of paints, turpentine, rags and brushes.
My cares and worries started to drift away
Iíve never painted before. Iíve never taken the time.

I painted a road, a river and sky, high mountains far beyond
and into the painting I stepped - taking with me - no cares.
With no way back and no way forward I started to panic
Looking around I saw bushes and trees and flowers of every kind
I gathered great armfuls of colour
Iíve never picked flowers before. Iíve never taken the time

I painted large vases to cradle my flowers and painted a tiny house
And into the house I stepped, finding dogs and curious cats
But with no way back and no way forward I started to panic
Looking round I found water and served them food of every single kind
and was surrounded by love in return
Iíve never kept dogs and cats before. Iíve never taken the time.

Iím so happy here in my house on the hill with the high, blue mountains beyond
With my cats and my dogs my bushes and flowers of every shape and kind
As for the way back, it is nowhere in sight, I canít recall panic at all
Thereís only a photo of days gone by - that door with no space, just a wall
This new life completely arranges my head into brand new rhythm and rhyme.
IĎve never experienced all that before. Iíve just never taken the time.

Divided Hearts

I divided my heart with them,
Each and every one of them,
My mother,
My father,
My brother
My best friend...

As each of them passed - people would ask:
ĎHow can you stand this, and stay strong?í

I guessed it was because -
Each time I lost a great love in my life
They gave me back
Their piece - of my heart.