John Shackley

Another Perthshire Writer

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john shackley

My hobbies include writing, artwork and reading.

I enjoy swimming, cycling and photography.

I also have a keen interest in computing.

Breaking the Mould

When they made me
They broke the mould
Twenty nine years
And nothing to show
But some shots in the dark
That require some thought
If Iíd kept on the path
Iíd survive better fought

And now I return
To the house of my birth
And prepare to learn
More of my self worth
It is time to depart
And gain more independence
With a job that gives heart
To my great common sense

When Iím earning a wage
And continuing life
Iíll be in for a rage
When encountering strife
But at last I succeed
And no longer need
The part of success
That holds me back best

To be cautious and mild
Is no longer in sight
I have my strong shield
In believing my plight
When approaching the top
I need to remain
Strong as the lot
That helped me in shame

When sometimes I feel
That things have gone down
And beginning to pale
When times start to frown
And recovering ground
Can be better success
Learning second time round
That success is the best

Who perseveres wins
And who slows loses pace
Thereís no settling in
When the fighting abates
And continue I shall
Until top of the hill
I will reach the fine call
Of the paying cheque till

With a flat in the city
Iíll be proud as punch
And will feel no more pity
For myself out to lunch
When I reach my direction
And continue my pace
Thereíll be no regression
Into parents home-place

I think Iíll try Perth
Or maybe elsewhere
When I see my self-worth
Instead of despair
That I need no effort
To regain the plot
Shows Iíve put in the bookwork
To achieve quite a lot

Perth in Winter

Sparkling strongly the great new year
Where young people gather and celebrate here
After Xmas at home the students return
And need no more guidance from parental rebirth
In a time of the new
We disregard old
And the pass of the few
Will enable the bold

As Perth glows in winter
We see the snows come
And learn of out hinterland
Feeding at home
Where the crows come to roost
Is the heart of the land
And the toast of new year
Comes from fair maiden's hand

In the city of Perth
We can see further strife
But the heart of the land
Gives us much needed life
When we learn of our fatherís
Who strived long and hard
To keep Perth in Scotland
The Capital Scone beside

We must try to hold on
To our city of might
That we learn how to see
The great powers decide
What goes on in this city
Where the young have their say
And leave time for no pity
For ourselves every day

When we strive to perfect
This wonderful town
We must try to reject
The occasional frown
And in time we shall learn
To feel love for the home
That gives us the yearning
To not be alone

perth winter

The Diamond of the North

Cold as glass
Yet sweet as silver
Built to last
The perfect centre
Place of study
Place of worship
Helps the needy
Fills the Tay ships

Theatre shows
And bigger concerts
Highs and lows
The summer festives
Streets that shine
With shopping centres
Hills to climb
The view there is

Beautiful town
Throned in splendour
Green fields shown
Place of wonder
Bicycle paths
And climbing routes
Children laughing
With great truth

The Perfect Centre

Perth in bloom we see
Perth the place to be
Partly home partly city
Partly view partly the pity
Perth as the centre of things
Perth as the escape from things
We fool ourselves to stay
We never wish to leave
If our pasts combine too much
We learn and move on
With Perth the giving city
It gives us our committees

Learning now
Learning then
Give us our knowledge
Our great return
For homecoming time
Is soon around
And Perth does shine
In full abound

Great things we see
Great things we wish
The place to be
With local fish
The past is our school
And Perth is no fool
The shops are full
Of the local tools