Schools Competition Winners 2013-14

New Perthshire Writers

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The 2013-14 Schools Competition was open to secondary pupils in Perthshire, with cash prizes and certificates of commendation on offer to talented pupils in two groups: S1 to S3 and S4 to S6. Here are the winning entries in both sections.

annabelle lamont

Annabelle Lamont, Perth Academy, Senior Section Winner

Too Many Answers for an Equation

I'm sorry,
Darling, for not being much moved
By your attempts at
Is that what it is.
The sharp sword of a man's tongue,
Slitting fine cuts into fine flesh?
An insult, a sonnet
The soft lines of my body moving in hyperbolic curves,
Under the coordinates of your eyes.
A compliment?
My worth is spelled out to you
In numbers,
Minutes calculated, sizes measured,
But your calculator will show you an error.
As a poem doesn't suit its syntax:
A poem walks away.

sophie staniforth

Sophie Staniforth, Perth Academy, Junior Section Winner

A Feather

It falls
Breathless on the pavement,
Trying to fly, but it canít.
It's alone now.
No longer breaking through clouds.
Only a fragment of a dream,
For a child to hold in her fingertips,
For a child to hold and close her eyes,
And dream, of the flight, the clouds, the possibilities!
A feather.
It curls, spine bent and grey,
The rain beats it, kills it.
It rains on what used to be, but no longer is.
The strands of silvery magnificent white, and grey, and black, and brown!
Itís losing its life, letting go of the world that never held on.
A feather,
A reminder that even when you feel youíre living each dream,
When youíre finally flying after spending so long walking,
When youíre circling the sun and feel like nothing can give up on you,
A reminder that something can.
Dreams can let go, they can lose grip.
And you fall, like a drop of rain.
Hitting the cold hard pavement, the wind tousling at your broken hope.
A feather.
A single feather.
A single soul.