Schools Competition Winners 2014-15

New Perthshire Writers

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The 2014-15 Schools Competition was open to secondary pupils in Perthshire, with cash prizes and certificates of commendation on offer to talented pupils in two groups: S1 to S3 and S4 to S6. Here are the winning entries in both sections.

hamish milne

Hamish Milne, Perth Academy, Senior Section Winner


I know you love me.
Under a false pretence of disdain.
No guise can conceal your thoughts.
No one can know you
as I do.
It is symbiotic, this love we share.
Life without the other:
an impossibility.

I am your other half, your euphoria,
your temptress. The darkest of secrets
the sweetest of forbidden fruits.

The unbearable agony when
we were apart.
Plagued by ailments for endless weeks, of
mind and body, the sickeningly slow dilation of time.
Driven to near insanity by withdrawals. Your lust for me.
The tempest of turmoil before
relapsing into my loving embrace.

Remember the night when first we met?
The places we went, the things we saw?
I know you crave to return. Take me there.
Take us both there. Take me,

Finally, epiphany –
That we will always be together.
Sting as the truth pierces your skin, pours
through your veins, flooding your body.
This love will be the death
of us, we both know.
So I will be with you, darling.
Until that last breath.

adam yorston

Adam Yorston, Perth High School, Junior Section Winner


I am the darkness inside you.
I am the voice in the back of your head.
I am the dread that pecks away at you like
a vulture upon a rotting carcass.

Alone, exposed, scared,
I am always there, unwanted, yet without me
you would be dead. I am the decider of
your fate, the darkest corners of
your imagination. I am Fear…