Schools Competition Winners 2015-16

New Perthshire Writers

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The 2015-16 Schools Competition was open to secondary pupils in Perthshire, with cash prizes and certificates of commendation on offer to talented pupils in two groups: S1 to S3 and S4 to S6. Here is the winning entry.

sarah dunning

Sarah Dunning, Perth High School, Winner, Senior Section


An Indian elephant, a bronze Buddha, a family photo, memories.
The path of sand, littered by the rush of raw foreign feet.
The vibrant colours singing, the chiming bells dancing.
The faecal smell of cattle battled with the spice stalls on the street.
His grin grew beautifully broader,
As he imitated a luscious girl who wore a sea of raven upon her head,
As she danced in scorching pink.
His gentle laughter pierced my chest to lift the weight of lead.
The corners of my lips pulled upwards beyond my control.
I looked over and he was gone. The lead dropped.
I heard familiar giggles,
His petal hands reached out to the carved sage creature as his daddy gave me a wink.

An Indian elephant, a bronze Buddha, a family photo: memories.
Golden, White, Red, pillars.
A profusion of orange draped robes and the aroma of incense choking the air.
Inky, atramentous calligraphy stretched afar, telling unfathomable tales of the past.
And the faint chant arose
From the shaved heads
Om Mani Padme Hum.
Compassion and peace filled the temple as the rhythmic sound grumbled deeper
Compassion and peace, for him.
He extended his ghostly arm and allowed his warmth to seep into the Tibetan deity,
As I stared on through him.