Schools Competition Winners 2016-17

New Perthshire Writers

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The 2016-17 Schools Competition was open to secondary pupils in Perthshire, with cash prizes and certificates of commendation on offer to talented pupils in two groups: S1 to S3 and S4 to S6. Here are the winning entries in both sections.

megan coutts

Megan Coutts, Perth Academy, Winner, Senior Section

The Mug

My handle has smashed.
The scars reopen,
Malformed, brittle pottery.

No longer whole,
No longer of use,
The bin’s abyss calls.

Empty shell, lively kitchen,
Awaiting my fate hopelessly,
Pieces on a window ledge.

Ignored and unnoticed,
Happiness under siege,
The darkness takes reign.

The bin consumes another,
Fear escalates—
This could be the day.

Glue between the cracks,
Two brands, old and new,
My blood transfusion.

Time is patient,
Illness dissipates,
I am recognisable.

Restored to health,
Saved by strong bonds,
A future foreseeable.

But I will break again.

ivan kossko

Ivan Kossko, Perth High School, Joint Winner, Junior Section


He strides along the jungle floor,
just another shadow amidst the trees.
His fur is as gold as a ray of sun
with spots as black as ash.
His glowing orange eyes pierce the darkness
and spot what they are looking for.
He circles his prey,
the fear in its eyes was crystal clear.
Then he leapt.

His eyes opened.
There was no jungle, no prey,
just metal bars around him.
The sounds of excited children made him sigh.
They seemed to want him to do something
but what could he do?
He could barely stretch his legs.
He dreamed a day he could be free
roaming the jungles once again,
like he had long ago.

But what he doesn’t know
is that we have destroyed his home,
now ash and tree trunks.
Never to be seen again.

emily jarvis

Emily Jarvis, Perth High School, Joint Winner, Junior Section

Sledging in a Winter Wonderland

Stretching over my brother, finally
I am reminded.
Reminded of why we crave
what we crave.
We gaze at the glistening snow,
perfectly folded into place by gravity’s hands.
The path. Like tangled strands of hair,
unprotected by the forest.

We are off.
Two peas in a pod,
shooting down the slopes.
Traversing the twists and turns
the sledge flies through the snow.

Although this fun is short-lived,