Schools Competition Winners 2017-18

New Perthshire Writers

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The 2017-18 Schools Competition was open to secondary pupils in Perthshire, with cash prizes and certificates of commendation on offer to talented pupils in two groups: S1 to S3 and S4 to S6. Here are the winning entries in both sections.

sandy malcolm

Sandy Malcolm, Perth High School, Winner, Senior Section

The Forest

When the goner looped hemp around fragile neck and swung,
did he think hed be found?

Found alone in the forest. Rural Japan. Someone had to tell his mother,
look her in the eyes and tell her he was in a sack.

Worse still, someone cut him down,
a swollen flower basket spilling soil and lotus.
All in a days work.

Except that marionette clippers go home, watch children slip and fall in the kitchen,
imagine them close their little glass orbs and drop.

Consider, before playing rope tyre in the forest, that
someone delivers your news.
And they dont owe you a damn thing.

kirsty adams

Kirsty Adams, Perth High School, Winner, Junior Section

Walking along the Beach

Here I was again,
walking along the beach
away from the chaos of the rest of the world.

I could feel my feet
slightly sinking into the soft sand,
the sand wriggling between my toes,
tickling them like a mother would do
to her young child.

I could hear the waves
crashing powerfully against the rough rocks.
It was as if the waves were competing
against each other to see which one
could hit the rocks the hardest.

I could smell the seaweed,
so sharp and strong,
racing up my nose,
filling it with wondrous smells.

I could see the beautiful baby blue sky,
so vast and so free,
but so empty and alone.

I could taste the saltiness
in the air.
It was so fresh it felt like it
was the first time I had
ever breathed.

I had reached the end
of the beach.
I had to go back
to the rest of the world.
Back to reality.
Away from the freedom of the beach.